Pine Forest Homeowners Association


Board of Pine Forest Owners Association (PFOA)

Anne Fox

Vice President and Treasurer:
Heather Dean

Jim Wurzer

Additional board members:

Andy Maloy

Bill Ellis


Community & Property Liaison:
Steve Meyers
Home: 509-679-3868
Cell: 509.679.3943 or 509.679.3868

Andy Oosterhof
509.997.3444 (work)
509.429.3977 (cell)

Architecture Committee:
Robin Jeffers, Chairperson 

Crosby Carpenter
Brendan Connolly

FireWise Committee:
Heather Dean, Chairperson

Heide Andersen
Kent Hitch
Lynn Lewicki
Rose O'Donnell
Cliff Oleszko
Brad Sawtell
Jim Wurzer

Pine Forest Owners Association
P.O. Box 443, Winthrop, WA 98862