Pine Forest Homeowners Association

Fee Schedule

Annual Dues $1,125 Residential lot with structure*
  $875 Residential lot with no structure or water hookup*
Water Fees $2,000 Hookup fee
Snowplowing Fees   Driveways not included in dues
Contact Andy Oosterhof
(509) 429-3977 (cell)
Building Fees $500 Lot consolidation Fee
  $2,000 Security Deposit
  $25 Owner Transfer Fee
Septic Collection System   Each lot requires septic
CC&Rs   Yes
Annual Meeting   Yes
Architectural Review   Yes
Architectural Review Process   Robin Jeffers c/o PFM P.O. Box 443,Winthrop, WA 98862
RVs and Mobiles   NOT allowed
Manager   Yes – Full Time
Contact   Brad Sawtell

Home: 509.996.2484
Cell: 970.389.6723
Note: Brad’s cell does not work at his Pine Forest home

*NOTE: Change in dues effective 1/1/16. Annual Dues Statement will be mailed out on May 15 and will be past due after June 20. Late fees of $25 will be applied on dues/fees 60 days past due and another charge of $100 applied at six months past due.

For real estate transactions that occur during the year, dues are prorated beginning on January 1. For example, if a property closing
occurs on June 30, then 50% of the dues for that year are owed by the seller and 50% of the dues are owed by the buyer.

A "residential lot" is defined as one legal lot. Lots that were merged into one larger lot size are considered to be one legal lot.